Automobile Accident

How does AICRA work in Connection to an Automobile Accident Case? The following are the most common questions asked in connection to New Jersey Auto Accident Cases:

What will I get for my injuries?

Why hire a lawyer after a motor vehicle accident?

What to do in the event of a car accident?

Who decides what type of medical treatment and diagnostic testing I am to receive in the event of an automobile accident?

If I am injured in an accident, can I make a claim or file a lawsuit against the careless driver who caused the accident?

What are my damages after an accident?

Can I sue a Public Entity such as a Borough, Township, City, County or even the State of New Jersey?

What happens when my attorney sues the party responsible for my injuries?

DID YOU KNOW? New Jersey is a "no fault" state which means that medical bills for injuries sustained in an automobile accident are paid by the injured party's automobile insurance carrier regardless as to whether he or she is at fault.

FACT: The most common cases heard by New Jersey courts are automobile personal injury claims.

Did You Know? New Jersey also has a "lawsuit limitation" that prevents most drivers injured in an accident from bringing a personal injury claim unless a physician can certify that the patient sustained permanent injuries that cannot be cured through treatment.

FACT: Approximately 97% of all cases settle before trial.

Did You Know? When purchasing an insurance policy most drivers select the tort threshold option because that option reduces a driver's insurance premium by as much as 50%.

However, such an option severely restricts the insured to sue for personal injuries in the event of an accident.