Hire an Attorney

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Do you wish to learn how to hire an attorney who will be right for you? The right attorney knows the business, knows what to look for that might be hidden, and will protect your rights before they are irretrievably thrown away by lapse of time.

In addition, the right attorney will represent your interests aggressively.

One of the most important decisions individuals make in life is which lawyer to hire to represent their interests when facing a legal problem.

Hiring an attorney is not a transaction, it is a relationship and you must feel comfortable in that relationship because a case may last for many months and even years.

The following factors about an attorney offer clues:

1. years of experience;

2. success track record;

3. communication and response time.

Answers to any of the following questions are revealing:

1. Am I speaking to the actual attorney who will represent me? Or to an assistant?

2. Will the attorney that I am speaking to represent me from start to finish? Or will my case be handed over to another attorney? How many years of experience, does the attorney who will represent me have?

3. Will the attorney representing me regularly appear in the court where my case is pending?

4. Will the attorney representing me in court be familiar with the Judge or Prosecutor in the court where my case is pending? Do you know their names?

Personal relationships that attorneys develop with adversaries are paramount to an attorney's ability to represent a client most effectively.

Generally, the lawyer who will most ably represent you would be the lawyer who has the best possible professional and personal relationship with the prosecutor and Judge who are assigned to handling your case.

Moreover, do not underestimate responsiveness because responsiveness is key.

You should be able to quickly reach an attorney at a time of need.

Ask your lawyer if you will be able to reach him or her after hours and the response will be very telling.

The bottom line is that you do not want to sit around worrying about something, especially if you paid enough money.

What else should I ask an attorney when interviewing him or her?

1. How much of your practice is dedicated to the field for which I am about to hire you?

2. What percentage of your cases are successfully resolved without having to go to trial?

Whenever you are looking for a lawyer to represent you in Court, you should be on guard against attorneys who charge too little because many times, lawyers underbid each other to gain a client and find that their quoted fee cannot support the work necessary to successfully represent that client.

Any attorney who charges a fee that may seem too good to be true is essentially raising a "red flag" so that is typically not someone who will provide you with the best possible representation that you deserve.

The bottom line is that you simply should hire the right attorney for you because only once that is accomplished, only then can you do nothing except relax and let your attorney do the best possible job on your behalf.

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