What Will I Get For My Injuries?

You get for your injuries whatever you can prove are your damages.

Your damages will typically be for your pain and suffering and loss of future earnings although you may also claim loss of future enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, loss of sex and emotional distress and in some cases even punitive damages may be awarded. The exact amount, however, varies according to the severity of your injuries.

An experienced attorney will be able to evaluate a claim and place a fair monetary value on it in a case by case basis because of their experience with many similar cases.

Here an attorney's knowledge of the community and insurance companies is extremely important.

Insurance companies count on you not knowing the true value of your claim.

They try to tell you what it is worth and settle with you before an experienced attorney reviews the facts of the case.

Your attorney knows how much money will be necessary to fully compensate you for your claim and the insurance companies know that.

Talk with your attorney so that you will know how much is fair in your case.