Besides pain and suffering the following is a list of other damages that a litigant may claim with the help of an able and experienced attorney:

Loss of Consortium

Loss of your companionship experienced by your spouse as a result of the injuries you sustained in an accident such as time spent in a hospital or being disabled.

Your spouse has the right to sue for loss of companionship.

Loss of Sex

Yes, if the accident disrupted your sex life because it is your right to enjoy your sex life without interference.

Emotional Distress

Emotional distress follows a traumatic event such as an accident.

Loss of Future Earnings

If you are unable to resume the same type of work as you did previously or work as hard or as long as a result of the injuries you sustained in an accident then you should be compensated for your loss of future earnings potential.

Loss of Future Enjoyment of Life

You have the right to be compensated for any decrease in your ability to enjoy the things you did before the accident that are now not possible for you.


punitive damages are warranted when defendant's behavior is egregious.

Punitive verdicts are warranted when the intent is to punish the behavior of the party being sued.

Such verdicts, if they are issued, are generally very high.