It feels like traffic tickets are a new way for the state to tax the people

by david voller
(jersey city new jersey)

I believe traffic tickets are just another form of state tax these days.

I have been a jersey resident all my life, and i see how slowly jobs are disappearing in this state so i feel like the state is now taxing people because there are not enough companies to tax.

I was give a ticket in North Brunswick for speeding.

I was not speeding.

I know this because i never speed.

I am the guy who everybody hunks at to get out of their way so i purposely try to avoid major roads as often as i can.

This is my first ticket in twenty years so I went to court and prosecutor who was a very nice gentleman agreed to give me a downgrade to zero points but warned me it will be expensive.

He was right.

The Judge fined me almost $500.


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May 22, 2016
its like a bussiness to me NEW
by: Anonymous

especially now their stop you for nothing, what ever you say is true.its another way to steal money from people.

Oct 24, 2010
Wrongfully accused
by: Anonymous

When I was renewing my California drivers license I was informed by the DMV that I had an outstanding failure to appear court charge from the State of New Jersey in 1986. This totally incorrect and erronous.

When I contacted the New Jersey MVC they stated it would be a lot easier to pay the fine than to prove I'm not that person. This seems to be another way for the State of New Jersey to generate income.
The charges are to a person with only a similar name as mine and approximately the same birhday. The MVC even stated that there was no physical match.

I've been working with the Victims Assistance Unit, they move extremly slow. Having a valid driver's license is a condition of my employment, which I will lose by the 29th.

Does anyone have any advise about what recourse I might have??

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