Why Hire a New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney?

Hiring a New Jersey criminal defense attorney when facing criminal charges in New Jersey is important because using an experienced attorney can actually mean the difference between freedom and incarceration.

Having an experienced attorney on your side tells the prosecutor and judge that you are serious about protecting your rights and defending yourself in court.

Peace of mind from knowing your interests are being protected allows you to get back to your life with as few delays as possible.

What will a New Jersey criminal defense attorney do for me?

An attorney will either procure a dismissal of the charges leveled against his or her client or obtain on their behalf the best possible downgrade of their charge so that the penalties and fines associated with their conviction be minimized.

What qualifies an attorney is his or her ability to apply the relevant law to the circumstances of your case and advise you as to the proper course of action.

A qualified lawyer will be able to tell you your legal rights and what to expect as your case proceeds.

He or she can defend you aggressively so that you are not abused by the system, the prosecutor or Judge assigned to handle your case.

Plus, a qualified lawyer knows the business, knows what to look for that might be hidden, and will protect your rights.

An attorney will first look for ways to have the charges against you dismissed.

If, however, after his or her investigation and review of discovery in connection to the case it becomes apparent that the State's case is strong, then the attorney will attempt to plea bargain the matter.

In fact, the vast majority of cases in New Jersey are resolved by way of plea bargain.

What should I expect of my New Jersey criminal defense attorney?

You should expect of your defense attorney to confront the prosecution and ensure the integrity of the judicial process.

Your defense attorney will do so by initially conducting his or her own investigation on your behalf or reasonably conclude that an investigation is unnecessary.

The investigation would entail questioning witnesses whether for the state or for the defense.

In addition, defense counsel will need to decide whether to engage a defense expert witness.

While talking to witnesses and reviewing documents, defense counsel should be trying to develop a factual basis for potential pretrial motions as well as trial defenses to the charges.

Can my New Jersey criminal defense attorney also represent my co-defendant?

No, because that creates a conflict of interest.

For the best possible legal result all defendants involved should be represented by their own individual attorney of their choosing.

Besides, when each defendant in a co-defendant case have their own criminal defense attorney, the attorneys can get together and formulate a joint defense agreement that will serve their respective clients' best interests.

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