New Jersey Burglar Tools

We represent clients charged with N.J.S.A. 2C:5-5; New Jersey Burglar Tools possession complaints and indictments filed in Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Mercer County, Somerset County, Essex County, Union County, and Hudson County.

It is an offense for anyone to manufacture or possess burglar's tools.

Burglar's tools is defined to include any engine, machine, tool or implement adapted, designed or commonly used for committing any theft or related offense or facilitating offenses involving forcible entry into premises.

The state must prove four material elements.

First, that the defendant possessed or manufactured the tool.

Second, that the tool was a burglar's tool as defined above.

Third, that the person knew the tool was adapted, designed or commonly used as a burglar's tool.

Fourth, that the person manufactured or possessed the tool with a purpose to use, employ or provide it to some person whom he knew would use or employ it as burglar's tool.

Also, in addition to the possessor and the manufacturer, any person who publishes plans or instructions dealing with the manufacture or use of any burglar's tool with an intent that such burglar's tool be used for committing or facilitating the designated offenses is also guilty of the offense.

The manufacturing or the publishing of the plans or instruction to use or make the burglar's tools is a crime of the fourth degree.

Possession of the tools is a disorderly persons offense.

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