New Jersey Motor Vehicle Theft Law

We represent clients charged with N.J.S.A. 2C:20-2.1; New Jersey Motor Vehicle Theft complaints and indictments filed in Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Mercer County, Somerset County, Essex County, Union County, and Hudson County.

For a first offense a five hundred dollar penalty plus the suspension or postponement of a person's license to operate a motor vehicle in New Jersey for one year is imposed.

The suspension of driving privileges is mandatory.

For a second offense, a penalty of seven hundred fifty dollars and the suspension or postponement of a person's license for two years is imposed.

For a third or subsequent offense the penalty is one thousand dollars and the suspension or postponement of a persons' license for ten years is imposed.

If the fair market value of the automobile and its contents at the time it was stolen exceeds seven thousand five hundred dollars and the automobile is not recovered, the court may sentence the defendant to pay a fine for that higher amount.

For a person under the age of seventeen at the time of the imposition of sentence the suspension or postponement commences on the day the person reaches the age of seventeen.

If the driving privilege of the person who is being sentenced is under revocation, suspension or postponement for a conviction under theft or controlled dangerous paraphernalia then suspension or postponement imposed shall commence as of the date of termination of the existing revocation, suspension or postponement.

These penalties do not apply to a juvenile whose case has been disposed of pursuant to a conditional discharge - conditional discharge is an adjournment for twelve months with the condition that if the juvenile makes a satisfactory adjustment the complaint will be dismissed.

Motor Vehicle theft is the unlawful taking of another person's motor vehicle without their consent.

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