New MVC Surcharge Payment Incentive Program

Noting the negative impact that debt and the inability to legally drive can have on a person’s life, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Acting Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez today announced the creation of the MVC Surcharge Payment Incentive Program.

The program, which will run June 15 through July 30 2010, is designed to help those MVC customers in judgment address their motor vehicle surcharge responsibilities.

“Surcharge debt has become a vicious cycle for too many drivers,” said Martinez.

“If you don’t pay off your debt, you can’t get your license back. Without the license, you can’t legally drive to work to make the money necessary to pay off the debt.

Our goal is to give these particular customers a chance to either wipe the slate clean or arrange more affordable payments that will allow the restoration of their driving privileges.”

The seven-week incentive program, authorized by legislation enacted earlier this year, will offer many MVC customers, who have outstanding surcharge balances, an opportunity to clear all their debt or make payment arrangements that will help get them back behind the wheel.

Eligible drivers include those who have been placed in judgment for failing to make surcharge payments or those in judgment who arranged a payment plan but are finding it difficult to make payments.

Approximately 273,000 drivers, who owe a combined $657 million, are eligible for the incentive program.

The average surcharge debt owed by a driver is $2,400.

Examples of the incentives to be offered are extended, 48-month payment plans, and interest waivers for drivers paying off principal and cost.

Most eligible drivers will be directly notified by mail of this opportunity to address their surcharge issues.

Drivers need to contact the specific collection firm noted on the personalized letter they received to discuss available options.

“Surcharge situations vary from driver to driver, but an individual who owes $2,100 can have their interest waived, pay in full and save themselves more than $500,” added Martinez.

“With extended payment plans, some drivers could lower their monthly payment by as much as $200.

The MVC understands the financial burdens of its customers and will work with them on eliminating their debt.”

Drivers seeking more information about the MVC Surcharge Incentive Program may contact the specific collection firm noted on their Surcharge Payment Incentive Program letter or visit

Please note that drivers with outstanding surcharges related to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) convictions are not eligible for the incentive program.

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